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Sweeper fully equipped!

The sweeper is used primarily in the municipal sector. The professional sweeper is designed to maintain the cleanliness of communication roads, squares, parking lots, and paved road and pavement surfaces.

Advantages of the product

– Sprinkler system that reduces dust and dust emissions. Water container – 200l
– Side disc brush that allows sweeping from under curbs.
– Main brush made of polypropylene with steel or only steel.
– Additional wheel supporting the container.
– Additional attachment for a forklift.
– Hydraulic steering.
– Control of the waste container by means of a solenoid valve.
– Additional actuator for the waste container.

SID Sweeper

The SID company presents a professional sweeper with a remote control that will allow you to control the angle of the sweeper, open the dirt container and activate the sprinkler to reduce dust emissions.

The main brush and side brushes are a mix of polypropylene and steel that can handle sand, gravel, leaves, sawdust and other such types of dirt. In the winter season, the sweeper can also be used to clear snow. As if that was not enough, the floating frame and an additional 4 supporting wheel will enable precise ground following.

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Sweeper SID


Remote controlled

skręt hydrauliczny

Hydraulic steering

Szczotka główna

Mix of polypropylene with steel

Koło podporowe

Additional support wheel

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