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Front loader STRONG 300

The front loader STRONG 300 is mounted to tractor frames. It is used for transporting and loading materials such as: gravel, lime, fertilizer, sand, manure. Additionally, it can transport crops such as potatoes, beets. It can even be used when transporting trees. Front loaders work well mainly in agriculture, but more and more often they are used effectively in municipal industries.



The STRONG 300 front loader is available with a EURO or SMS tool change frame.

The STRONG 300 loader is an easy and safe work tool.

U – new type of arm profile

The plate of the outrigger arm is bent from one piece and stabilized with a transverse plate shifted to the inside. There are optically hidden hydraulic lines in the space created.

Concealed arrangement of hydraulic lines

Tractor engine hoods are getting wider and wider, making it almost impossible to keep a short distance from the boom. Thanks to innovative solutions, the hydraulic lines are laid in a safe area under the loader rocker arm. All cables, especially their screw connections and fixings, can be reached at any time with little effort.


ładowacz czołowy - położenie przewodów

Ease of detachment


Quick connection and disconnection of the front loader has always been a strong point of this product.

Already in the standard version, there is a hydraulic connection between the tractor and the loader via four quick plug couplings, which are color-coded, which prevents mistakes. The FASTER hydraulic coupler gives you great comfort in operation. With one hand movement, the connection of four hydraulic and one electrical connections can be simultaneously activated or disconnected. The quick hitch is also available for quick connection of implements to the third hydraulic circuit. This reduces setup times and downtime. There are no significant leaks when attaching or detaching, so FASTER is also environmentally friendly. When the attachments are changed frequently, the double FASTER connection for attachments saves time and increases operating comfort.


All hydraulics are protected against dirt and damage by a sturdy cover. An effective two-way pressure relief valve that responds at 210 bar protects the tool cylinders from overload during heavy loading work.

Vibration damping system

Thanks to the use of the vibration damping system, the troublesome swaying of the tractor during transport travel with the front loader mounted has been almost completely eliminated. The STRONG 300 front loader is amortized by durable hydraulic accumulators. Thanks to the combination of hydraulic accumulators of lower and higher pressure, the effect of damping vibrations was obtained in a wider range of loads. In addition, the pressure in the shock absorption system can be changed after calling the service, which will change the range of loads at which vibrations are eliminated. A third hydraulic circuit for controlling hydraulically actuated attachments is standard equipment.


The STRONG 300 front loader makes loading easier and more enjoyable. The loader stands securely on solid and reliable support feet. The locking and unlocking function is now improved, making it lighter and easier to use.

The tool setting indicator is clearly visible and intuitive to use.

Daily service has been made easier thanks to the exposure of all lubrication points on the outside of the STRONG loader 300.punkty smarowania


Q1 kg
Lifting capacity on the EURO frame at the bottom (200 bar) 1320
Lifting capacity on the EURO frame below the top (200 bar) 1125
Max lifting height at the tool pivot point 2650
Loading height 2360
Dump height 1550
Dump span (variable depending on the tractor) 400
The height of the boom on the tractor 1410
Digging depth 250
degrees Dump angle 70
The angle of the embankment 43
BOM weight 380 + supporting structure


The front loader STRONG 300 is shot blasted and powder coated. This is by far the most effective of the modern metal coating methods used today. Contrary to traditional (liquid) varnishes, powder paints guarantee smooth coatings, without cracks, stains, bubbles and wrinkles. They are used for protective, anti-corrosion and decorative painting of metal objects. The thermal resistance of the coating is approx. 100 ° C. The coatings are characterized by very good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical agents. A special advantage of powder paints is their versatility (thanks to the possibility of obtaining coatings with various degrees of gloss in a wide range of textures and structures, in full RAL colors).

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