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Stone burier

The Stone burier all the steps to prepare the soil for sowing. It is a combination of a very active tiller that completely levels the cultivated area.

soil tiller


The ripper works the soil very precisely, with the tines separating the stones directly behind it. The device rotates in the opposite direction to the direction of travel and thus throws the stones over the top of the beams, along which they slide onto the soil. At the end is a lattice roller that completely levels the ground. This loosens the surface very well and is even and stone-free.

The soil tiller is an indispensable piece of equipment, for example in the garden and other areas, very useful for laying the lawn and also, after one pass, preparing the soil for sowing grass.

Main product features


MS engine.


Oil flow - 40l/min.


Cross (safety) valve.


Chain transmission.

Additional option


Oil flow regulator.


Oil cooler.


Width Weight
1250 mm
265 kg
1450 mm
290 kg
1650 mm
315 kg
1850 mm
340 kg

Stone burier is an agricultural machine that is shot blasted and powder coated. This is by far the most effective of the modern metal coating methods used today. Contrary to traditional (liquid) varnishes, powder paints guarantee smooth coatings, without cracks, stains, bubbles and wrinkles. They are used for protective, anti-corrosion and decorative painting of metal objects. The thermal resistance of the coating is approx. 100 ° C. The coatings are characterized by very good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical agents. A special advantage of powder paints is their versatility (thanks to the possibility of obtaining coatings with various degrees of gloss in a wide range of textures and structures, in full RAL colors).

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