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Flail mower light

​The Flail mower light-  is intended for mulching of small, grassy areas and low plant waste. On account of its light weight, the mulcher can be used with very small tractors.



The Flail mower light mulcher can be used to clean fields after corn or tobacco harvests and re-introduce what’s left back into the soil. This flail mower performs ideally on farms, however it can also be widely used in orcharding. Such mowers are frequently used in orchards to clean the spaces between rows of saplings, bushes and even fruit trees. The orcharding mower is a versatile machine that can also find applications in municipal services. It is also commonly used by firms concerned with maintaining green areas in the city, roadsides, mowing large meadows, as well as stumping unused land overgrown with wild vegetation and weeds. The machine’s fundamental advantage is the possibility of leaving behind shredded mowing residue on the cleaned land, since this is a perfect, natural mineral fertilizer.

Main product features


Low housing on both sides, enabling work under tree crowns.


Light but strong construction intended for work with smaller tractors.


Low power consumption thanks to a smaller rotor.


12-month warranty.


The flail system ensures intensive shredding of material as well as accelerated drying and decomposition.


Mowing of weeds, grass as well as bushes with diameter up to 40 mm on unused land.


Power take-off (PTO) included in set


Width Flails number HP requirement Weight
950 mm
12 pc.
8 KM – 18 KM
140 kg
1150 mm
16 pc.
8 KM – 24 KM
145 kg
1350 mm
18 pc.
20 KM – 27 KM
156 kg
1550 mm
24 pc.
22 KM – 35 KM
170 kg
1750 mm
28 pc.
36 KM – 55 KM
200 kg

The flail mower is a municipal equipment that is shot blasted and powder coated. This is by far the most effective of the modern metal coating methods used today. Contrary to traditional (liquid) varnishes, powder paints guarantee smooth coatings, without cracks, stains, bubbles and wrinkles. They are used for protective, anti-corrosion and decorative painting of metal objects. The thermal resistance of the coating is approx. 100 ° C. The coatings are characterized by very good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical agents. A special advantage of powder paints is their versatility (thanks to the possibility of obtaining coatings with various degrees of gloss in a wide range of textures and structures, in full RAL colors).

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