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Tires weeder

A tires weeder is used to mechanically pull weeds. As you know, losses can be expected due to weed infestation in the fields.  They will result in less abundant yields and greater root contamination. Despite the use of sprays, weeds still appear in the field wherever our eye can see. Our tyre weeder comes to the rescue and uproots 90 per cent of the annoying weed.

tyre weeder


The tyre weeder eliminates the hard manual work and annual cost of hiring workers and saves the time allotted for weeding the fields. The machine is mounted on the tractor’s front or rear three-point linkage. It is 6 metres wide and has 2 rows of tyres to increase the efficiency of the machine. 27 wheels mounted at an angle, rotating in the opposite direction at 100 revolutions per minute, so that the weed is pulled and uprooted together with the roots. There are four motors in each row, every third tyre, and neighbouring wheels are driven by friction. The half-shafts are shielded by drums so that they do not wrap around the plants. Rubber grippers were placed on the drums to direct the weed between two wheels rotating in opposite directions. The working height is adjusted using the lift on the tractor.

The machine on which the tyre weeder will be mounted must have 2 pairs of hydraulic inputs for driving the wheels, a pair of hydraulic couplings for folding the frame and a free-draining socket.

Main product features


RPM - 100/min.


Increased efficiency thanks to two rows of tyres.


8 tyre drive motors.


Rubber grippers.


Half-shafts protected by drums.


Working width - 6000 mm.


Working width
Quantity of engines Quantity of tires
27pc. 2200kg

A tyre weeder is an agricultural machine that is shot blasted and powder coated. This is by far the most effective of the modern metal coating methods used today. Contrary to traditional (liquid) varnishes, powder paints guarantee smooth coatings, without cracks, stains, bubbles and wrinkles. They are used for protective, anti-corrosion and decorative painting of metal objects. The thermal resistance of the coating is approx. 100 ° C. The coatings are characterized by very good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical agents. A special advantage of powder paints is their versatility (thanks to the possibility of obtaining coatings with various degrees of gloss in a wide range of textures and structures, in full RAL colors).

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